Our Summer Fun! Fit & Fed Figures Included

So this summer we have our FIVE Fit & Fed Sites as well as over 20 Community Sessions and 1 Adult Box Fitness Session running.

We are delivering in many new places like, Cozenton Park and Barnfields Park. We are trying to reach as many underprivileged youth as we possibly can, to give them a positive outlet for their frustrations and excess energy. As we are a CIC, we rely on funding from various sources, this allows us to keep these sessions free as we know many families in some areas of Kent just cannot spare money on these sessions.

This summer we have been so full up with Fit & Fed that we cannot deliver in all our usual community sessions, however we are doing as much as we can with what availability we have left,

It has been a pleasure for myself to be at Fit & Fed and see the youth we are helping and supporting, this week I will be given the opportunity to see another of our Fit & Fed sites, hopefully giving you something different to read about. It will be amazing to see another disadvantaged area and the difference we are making there. I will be going to Kingfisher School to take pictures and film what is going on there as each site varies slightly.

Fit & Fed Figure’s This Week!

This Week we have run from all 5 Sites; Luton Primary, Kingfisher Primary, Stanhope Moat Community Hub, Sittingbourne Moat Community Hub and Gravesend Moat Community Hub.

Total attendance across all sites have been 600!!

If you wish to find out more, check out our website’s calendar.