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Educational Boxing Fitness

Olympia Boxing CIC deliver our Olympia Boxing Legacy Awards. Our awards are designed as a fun recreational programme for all participants at all levels, ages and abilities.

Our awards scheme is open to everyone from the age of five years. The Awards are progressive and give all participants the chance to gain new skills at every opportunity.

  • Perfect Punch Selection Awards
  • Strength & Conditioning Awards
  • Attendance Awards

ASDAN CoPE Qualification

Olympia Boxing coaches are qualified to deliver the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) qualification. This qualification is available at Level 1 (GCSE grade E-F) and/or Level 2 (GCSE grade B).

This Boxing educational programme has been put together in partnership with the national awarding body ASDAN to give everybody a chance to gain a qualification in a sport they are taking part in or maybe even competing at.

The qualification recognises and accredits the achievements and skills of people in that great Olympic sport, Amateur Boxing. For CoPE you need to achieve two things:

Firstly you must gain 12 credits through Boxing activities over 120 hours. This can be done by choosing from different options.

Secondly you show how you are developing certain key skills through Boxing. These are skills that are highly valued by employers and other educational establishments. They are: working together with others, improving your own learning, problem solving, discussion, research and giving a presentation.

"It helps me get stronger." Jacob

Olympia Boxing

"You can learn to protect yourself." Zachary

Olympia Boxing

"It helps improve your reactions." Arthur T

Olympia Boxing

"I like that we get to wear actual boxing gloves." Ruby-Ellen

Olympia Boxing

"I like learning new punches." Mila

Olympia Boxing

"It helps you get fitter." Harry S

Olympia Boxing

"I enjoyed boxing because it was something new"( Year 5 child)

Olympia Boxing

I've been very impressed with Lewis and the sessions, with the way he has dealt with the children and the skills he has taught. It has been a very professional course and the children have learnt fitness, balance and of course, the actual punching. They've not enjoyed any other P.E sessions as much all year! (Year 4 Teacher)

Olympia Boxing

"I helped with my frustration and I felt much better afterwards" (Year 5 child)

Olympia Boxing

Children definitely had fun and would like to take part again. Was good to see these skills being used in the right way and was good to see the coach explaining the difference between boxing and fighting. (Year 5 teacher)

Olympia Boxing

The children enjoyed boxing. It's something that many of them are interested in, some even go to boxing clubs outside of school. The coach always planned different activities each week which built on what they have learnt previously. (Year 5 teacher)

Olympia Boxing


Situated in Kent; Olympia Boxing offers fun boxing training coupled with experienced and fully accredited training staff.

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