Meet The Team

Professional Coaching

Our coaches are highly qualified England Boxing registered coaches with vast experience.





Wayne Smith

Olympia Boxing CIC Director and Coach

Experience: Coach Educator, Level 3 England Boxing, AIBA 1 Star qualified Coach. BBBofC Licensed Professional Trainer. Currently coach at St Mary’s ABC.

About Me: I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals and have followed boxing ever since I can remember. I have been in boxing over 15 years, I competitively boxed for 5 years until a non boxing related injury forced me to hang up the gloves. I then did my coaching qualifications and never looked back, going on to represent England at international competition.

I coach people from complete beginners to international level athletes. Bringing the best out in people is a great reward for my work.

Coaching is a really rewarding job seeing the kids enjoying their selves doing something positive. If I could get 1 in 5 kids I meet into sport, I have achieved my goal.

Chloe MacPherson

Sales and Marketing Manager

Experience: I have 3 months experience in social media, I completed Chris Farrel's Membership which taught me about landing pages, sales funnels and paid ads.

About Me: I have a passion for anything creative, from drawing to painting to writing. I have a passion for delivering excellent customer service and being organised. Being able to edit a website gives me great joy, to constantly improve and update, as well as put my current skills and knowledge to great use.

Nathan Keating

Social Media Manager and Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing BOX Instructor, GB Boxing Tutor, Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Sports Extended Diploma, Level 3 90-Credit Sports Diploma, Level 2 PHW in Sport.

About Me: I am highly motivated to coach. I enjoy coaching new skills to everyone and to see them have fun, I also hope to see others gain their dreams. I hope to gain many years of experience in boxing within Olympia Boxing CIC and aim to gain as many qualifications as I can along the way.

Lewis Southgate

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: Level 2 England Boxing qualified coach, GB Boxing Tutor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, 2 x National NABGC Champion and current active Elite Senior Boxer for Kent Gloves ABC.

About Me: I have a great passion for Boxing as it has become my life and put me on the right path, I’m very competitive and my dream is to win major titles as both an amateur and professional boxer. I also love coaching and helping others achieve there dreams so they can strive to be the person they want to be.

Tommy Tanner

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing Level 1 Coach, GB Boxing Tutor, BOX Instructor and a Diploma in Sports Coaching Fitness Development.

About Me: I have always been interested in the sport of boxing as it gives so much to young people. It not just a sport, it gives young people a chance to work towards something, gain self confidence and learn a lot about themselves!

I started my boxing journey by attending the Olympia Boxing Boxing Youth community sessions and found the enjoyment and love for the sport. The main reason I become a coach is because I really enjoy seeing how happy the young people are when they come to all sessions. It makes me feel like I am doing my job properly in making them feel welcome and having an enjoyable session.

If all the young people I coach are happy in what they are doing in the sessions and then some go on further into the sport I would know I have done good for the young person and myself.

Joe Tindall

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing BOX Instructor, Level 3 certificate in sports performance, Level 3 certificate in achieving excellence in sports performance, BTEC level 3 certificate in sport, I have boxed at an international level for the Scotland boxing team. Competing around the country and world representing my country.

About Me: I first got into boxing at 10 years old with my older brother. As I am very competitive, it helped push me to do great and get the best out of myself. Boxing all over the country against top lads until I first got called up to box Internationally at 15 years old. Travelling the world boxing has been a great experience and that’s why I have become a coach. My hope is to help people achieve their goals, and hopefully get young people into boxing. To give them focus, inspiration and the motivation to want to achieve the best out of themselves. Whatever their goals, I want to help them achieve it.

Anthony Grove

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing BOX Instructor, GB Boxing Tutor, Level 3 Teaching Qualification.

About Me: I have been a huge boxing fan for as long as I can remember. However, I started boxing at a later age due to poor life choices as a youth. I wish that programmes like Olympia Boxing’s was available when I was young. I think it is so important in providing a safe place for children to have fun and gain confidence.

I started as a Coach Mentee at Olympia Boxing working in various schools and community settings. I instantly fell in love with coaching because I enjoy helping others achieve individual goals and fulfil their full potential. My personal goal to further my career in coaching, is to gain as much experience as possible expanding my knowledge in the sport.

I believe boxing is a sport that can offer huge opportunity for kids from all walks of life, I am proud to be part of the Olympia Boxing Coaching Team.

Louis Hanley

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing BOX Instructor, GB Boxing Tutor. Level 1 in Blind Football,  Activator course (Pickleball), Level 1 in Boxing, Level 1 in Talent identification in football, Level 2 in Multi-skills, Level 2 in Football.

About Me: I’ve worked in over 20 schools which consists of both primary and secondary level.

Successfully managed a project that saw 80 men lose over 600kg within a 16 week programme which earned us a national record and some ITV air time. I also run a successful football team that received a community innovation award for its multi nationalities as well as winning cups on each of our 4 seasons. I've also coached a school back to back succession within the mini youth games events.

Katie Grover

Olympia Boxing CIC Coach

Experience: England Boxing BOX Instructor, GB Boxing Tutor.

About Me: Boxing has been apart of my life since I was 7 and now being 18, it is all I have know for 11 years. Not only is it an amazing sport, it changes your life; whether you get in the ring or just train in the sport. It teaches you discipline, work ethic, self- control, self confidence and most importantly about yourself!

In my boxing career I have achieved so much, from winning two national titles to being put on the England talent pathway. To then actually going on and being chosen to represent England in the EUBC Junior European Boxing Championships in Romania, representing your country in a sport you love is truly the most amazing thing that could happen. That is why being part of Olympia Boxing is the place for me, I want to give to people my knowledge and what I have learnt over the years of boxing and let them enjoy it how I have!