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Goal Setting, How are you going to succeed in 2020?

Goal Setting

There is a big cliche every January with lots of people setting new years resolutions, goals and giving in two weeks in! How are you going to be different?

We believe the beginning of the year is a great time to set new goals and challenges. Whether it is fitness, health, business or family related. Forget about the naysayers who like to put everyone down, most of the time it is because they are insecure and jealous they cannot achieve any goals they set.

In goal setting, make sure you set achievable goals. By all means reach for the stars with your ultimate goal, but you have to then break them down into small achievable goals to get you there. One thing that has helped us on our journey with our goals is rewarding ourselves at each small goal milestone which keeps the incentive up and excitement to achieve the goals breaking down barriers.

We have started with 42 schools this year on our books, last year at this time we had 31. This shows our growth, so our goal for this year is to secure and deliver in 50 schools. We also have 22 community programmes running, so this takes us to a total of 64 programmes per week. Our ultimate goal is to reach 100 programmes per week! This seems so huge to us, last year we would of said no chance will that ever happen, but now we are starting to think why not? Why can this not happen? With our coaching team working very hard, improving all the time and expanding why can we not achieve this. So our mini goal is to reach 50 schools this year and 30 community programmes. Can we do it? Who knows! Are we going to work hard towards it? ABSOLUTELY!!!

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