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Olympia Boxing Podcast & Social Media

We are now up and running with our weekly podcast, it is so exciting!!! We had been talking about doing this for the past year, but never got the courage up to do it. I mean who is comfortable talking to their phone?

Since beginning it Coach Wayne has thoroughly enjoyed it and now has guests lined up every week. The idea of the podcast is to highlight our work, our partners work and discuss community and school sport. Wayne is interviewing our community partners, school teachers, boxers, clients so we can really spread the message and educate people about the importance sport plays in everyday life.

The podcast is now live on all main platforms. We really value the feedback or ideas to help us improve the quality for everyone. Please rate and review the podcast, so it reaches a big audience.

We are also releasing weekly videos now on our social media channels. Still a work in progress working out what content fits with each channel. We are aiming at releasing education videos which help competing boxers, BOX Fitness participants and general keep fitters. It is a free way to educate people on how being Boxing Fit is like no other!

We are on all the main social media platforms.

Facebook: Olympia Boxing CIC Page, Olympia Boxing Community Group

Instagram: @olympiaboxing

Twitter: @olympiaboxing

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