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Fit & Fed Success

This half term saw us expand our Fit & Fed programmes in Kent.

With partners Moat Foundation, Strengthening Minds, Arches Local & Medway Sport we successfully delivered Fit & Fed in five sites across Kent including Stanhope Ashford, Luton Junior School Chatham, Gravesend, Sittingbourne & Gillingham Community Hubs.

In total across all sites we had a record attendance of 358 visits and over 200 unique young people! This is truly amazing and due to the success we will be delivering at the same five sites in theĀ  2 weeks of Easter holidays.

The Fit & Fed programme is aimed at young people that receive free school meals. During the school holidays some families struggle financially with the extra expense of providing the meals the young people usually receive in school. Our programme offers 3 hours of Boxing & Multisport whilst feeding them with wholesome lunches all for FREE to the young people and families. We use Fareshare in Kent to supply the food for our programmes which is the food that is coming out of the main supermarkets that hasn’t been sold. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these foods and are well in date, so we are helping the community by lightening the load of food wastage also.

If you would like to see this programme near you at your children’s school or communtiy centre please get in touch.

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