100th School Gets a FREE term!

We currently operate in over 50 schools and run a total of 95 programmes per week, and have a goal of 100 programmes per week.

To celebrate Olympia Boxing’s success, we are giving away a FREE term to the 100th school to sign up with us.

Olympia Boxing is the leading UK supplier for both Olympic style boxing and boxing in schools and we provide a non-contact outlet for students. Student’s, parents and teachers alike love our sessions and have said how beneficial they can be to even the hardest to reach.

Our FREE 3-hour taster can be done in 3 sessions of 1 hour, 1 session of 3 hours or 6 sessions of 30 minutes as we encourage you to try it out with all year groups to find the interest amongst them. Although we do prefer to keep your groups together, on rare occasions we can mix them.

For more information on sign up and your school’s chance to win a FREE term, contact angel@olympiaboxing.co.uk