Our All New CPD Course is Live

Hey Team!

Here at Olympia Boxing we have set up an all new CPD course on coaching boxing fitness which is now available to sign up for on our website after having such an amazing time on Tuesday where we taught a group of teachers within an Academy.

This course covers 5 subsections, the first in the fundamentals of boxing coaching where we teach you what needs to be taught, this includes things such as stance, defence and focus.

The second section is our technical skills section, this teaches things such as punching and combinations to really get your students moving and excited but remain concentrated.

Pad work is the third section and is as it seems. We teach how to correctly hold pads in order to avoid injury and how to incorporate pads into your lessons.

Fourthly, is partner work, this keeps it interesting and increases communication between participants who may not normally communicate as well as ensuring team work stay important in lessons.

Lastly but not least, is our boxing games and circuits section, these games make good warm ups and wind downs and can be great fun for participants.


Sign up here: