Congratulations Elaine Primary School!

So as we come to a close on our school competition, it is officially time to announce the winner. The winner for this competition is Elaine Primary School and we would would like to wish them a very big congratulations and we really hope that you enjoy your free term with Olympia Boxing.

After gaining so much traction from this competition we definitely have thoughts in place to run more like it in the future so always be on the lookout for more offers and competitions like this for your school.

We also want to give a HUGE thank you to ALL of our schools, not just the one who won but everyone who continues to support us and gives us the opportunity to continue to follow our mission and keep young people safe and hard working in disadvantaged areas across Kent.

We hope that you all will continue to support us and give us the chance to expand our business and target areas further across the South East of England in the future.