Schools Are Going Back & So Are Our Sessions!

Hey guys, the schools have begun to return, with most going back this Monday which means I am back in the office. I can now have a well earned rest, at least until the October Holidays!

Since schools are going back, this means so are our school clubs and our usual community sessions. Exciting times for Olympia Boxing, we are delivering in 46 Different Schools and running 24 Community Sessions across Kent as of the week commencing 13th September (If I counted it correctly).

In some schools we deliver anywhere from twice a week to 4 times in one school! W

We have recently taken on two trainee coaches, soon enough they will be trained up and able to coach and lead independently, then they can help add to that total. We are ever expanding and it amazing the difference our sessions and coaches are making to these young people, which I have had the pleasure to see first-hand over the summer.

To save me rambling on, I shall end this with a call to action. If you are interested in boxing fitness for you or your children, our sessions and details can be found on our calendar. We start from ages 8, and our BOX Fitness sessions are for adults only. Any other questions please feel free to check our FAQ section or drop us an email on