Fit & Fed Is Over, So Is Our Roadshow

With Fit & Fed coming to a close for SUMMER 2021, we couldn’t be happier at the number of meals we have given to these young people; Keeping them fit and fed for most of the holidays.

We have been grateful to all those who funded, supported and provided for our programme this year!

We look forward to what summer 2022 will have in-store for us. Figures will be announced in our Fit & Fed Summer 2021 video coming really soon!

Now for our next Event, our Boxing 4 Parkinson’s & Dementia Roadshow from Monday this week we took our Boxing Arena around Kent across 5 days at 5 locations in partnership with Parkinson’s UK. This was to promote Parkinson’s & Dementia as well as what we do, we run weekly Boxing 4 Parkinson’s and Boxing 4 Dementia Zoom Sessions for 1 hour each, this is free to join and really helps those living with these conditions.

We had Mayors and Mayoress’ show up as well as local MP’s, some of which got stuck in and tried a bit of Boxing! We had many members of Parkinson’s UK show up and give it a go and we had some young people get involved too. We also had the High Sheriff of Kent drop in on his way past us. What an amazing week it was.

If you are interested, check out our dedicated pages on our site and/or drop us an email asking for more information and the zoom link to