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Moat Foundation and Stanhope Community Partnership

We are very excited to announce we have began a new partnership with Moat Foundation and the Stanhope Community in Ashford.

We are going to be there throughout 2019 on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

First of all thanks to the funding of the Stanhope Community Chest we are able to deliver our famous Community BOX Fitness programme for all the adults. We will be delivering this at 9.30am straight after the school run breaking down all barriers to participate once again with a low cost of £2 per session!

Monday’s and Thursday’s at 11-12 we are starting our FREE Boxing For Young People programme in partnership with Moat Foundation who are supplying the funding to run this great programme. We aim to work with all the young people not in education or employment using boxing as the tool to enhance their development. We will be delivering our Legacy Awards and looking to upskill a minimum of 10 young people with coaching qualifications and help them with future employment. We are aiming to identify young people that we can mentor, train and qualify as England Boxing Coaches to join our Olympia Boxing coaching team to deliver in their communities expanding our work.

Both programmes will be running at the Stanhope Parish Hall. We have two launch dates on the 5th and 12th of January where we will be taking the Urban Box Mobile Arena to Stanhope to launch the programmes into their community.

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