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Boxing Is For Everyone! Boxing For Parkinsons Media Launch

Boxing is for everyone! On Saturday December 1st we had our media launch at St Marys ABC in Chatham which was very well attended!

We had KMTV filming, University Of Kent students interviewing. Visiting VIP’s Medway Mayor Habib Tejan, former UK sports Minister and Medway MP Tracey Crouch, Councillors Tris Osbourne, Sam Craven and our partners Arches Local in attendance.

The programme will be running weekly on Thursdays 4-5pm from 10th January for FREE thankfully to generous donators to the programme.

The word and success of this programme has spread, we have had new partners and organisations approach us to deliver for their organisations. We have just announced Boxing For Older People that we are running three FREE taster sessions for before starting a weekly programme. Wednesday’s 12th December, 16th & 30th January. We are also meeting with a Dementia Charity in Gravesend this week to discuss Boxing For Dementia! The power of BOX Fitness is proving it really is a programme that benefits all of the community and everyone can participate no matter of abilities, fitness levels, disabilities. BOX Fitness has so many benefits for all and is improving peoples lives. Watch this SPACE!!

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