We’re Changing Things Up A Bit!

We’re getting rid of our Affiliate Blog Posts soon, we’ll be replacing it with an email campaign with a twist. Our campaign will be more about giving content, tips, tricks as well as recommended things to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I am working behind the scenes on the working parts required, I have a page set up ready to for final touch ups prior to publishing onto the website. Our campaign will give away free sheets of tips, tricks, workouts, diets/foods to eat and so on. This will be exclusively from all of our coaches, in the aim to help you achieve your fitness goals in life. Save these sheets for when New Years comes around, who knows, we may even release a New Years Resolution Workout nearer the time.

The only way to access this information is to sign up. We’re working on the details and title of what we’re going to call it but we will let you know via our blog and all social media platforms as and when we will release and all the juicy details.

Although this post doesn’t have an affiliate link, it has something much more (potentially) valuable to you, our loyal readers who we greatly appreciate. This post is to show we are adapting and rewarding your loyalty, at least thats the aim of this new campaign. Of course, no campaign is perfect but we look forward to your feedback on how well we are doing!

Thank you once again for following our blog so far, our Wednesday posts will continue until our campaign is up and our Friday posts will continue regardless so you’ll still have that post to look forward to 😀

I look forward to seeing you in the next post