The Negatives of Boxing.

Hey Team,  here at Olympia Boxing we encourage education and so we want to tell you the negatives of boxing as well as the positives.

  • Promotes misbehaviour
  • Teaches fighting
  • Doesn’t require actual skill
  • Allows children to miss lessons
  • Lets big kids beat up little kids

Now we all know, that these things are very common problems in boxing, just as we are all aware that today is April fools day. The bullet points above are in fact the opposites of some of our most well known boxing facts. So lets go through them, one by one.

“Promotes misbehaviour” – Our sessions actually promote discipline and regulation by giving participants a safe outlet for anger and frustration and releasing endorphins that promote happiness and tranquillity. “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war” -Bruce Lee

“Teaches fighting” – Boxing teaches the skills required to defend yourself however it also teaches the emotional skill to restrain and control your temperament.

“Doesn’t require actual skill” – Boxing requires many skills, some of these include; flexibility, hand-eye coordination, light on your feet, ability to think and react quickly, and many more. These consist of both mental and physical skills.

“Allows children to miss lessons” – We do not hold our clubs in lesson time, unless for curriculum P.E. and our sessions encourage children to go to their lessons as they have the boxing time to calm down.

“Lets big kids beat up little kids” – Our coaches are extremely reasonable and pair up children of similar heights and/or ages to ensure nobody is getting shoulder injuries from pad work as our sessions are also non-contact, we don’t allow anybody to beat up anybody and remove consistent troublemakers. We here at Olympia Boxing prioritise the safety of our participants.