Olympia Boxing are #dragonapproved! #SBSwinners

It with great pleasure to announce after only a year of being active Olympia Boxing has been dragon approved! Theo Paphitas a former Dragon on the hit BBC show Dragon’s Den has an award he runs weekly called #SBS Award (Small Business Sunday), he has over 400 thousand followers on Twitter and between 5-7.30pm every Sunday he gets small business’s to tweet him their busineess’s. After personally going through each tweet apparently up to 20 thousand of them! Every Monday he retweets his favourite six & this week Olympia Boxing was one of the lucky six! It is a fantastic award to win as it opens all kinds of doors for networking & gaining new contacts, but most of all meeting new people!! So hopefully this will be the start of something good, maybe in time Olympia Boxing will be able to go national & provide deliverers all around the UK not just in Kent & London. Watch this space!!!!