“Aren’t you just teaching kids to fight?”

Our sessions are non-contact and there are many benefits to boxing, but a question we are asked commonly, the one on everyone’s minds; “are you not just teaching kids to fight?”

Again, we can’t stress enough, our sessions are non-contact and boxing techniques aren’t commonly used in street fights, meaning the sport is simply just that, a sport. Boxing helps to teach children many things: such as balance, posture, and mood.

The reason that boxing improves mood may seem juvenile, but it is not. When focusing on things such as the power behind your punches and a range of techniques, the mind clears, relieving stress and promoting tranquillity.

Boxing also improves hand eye coordination, which is very important as it increases reaction times and athleticism. We use our reaction times a lot in everyday life to keep ourselves safe, when we are driving, catching a ball or even accidentally touch something hot, having a quick reaction time means we can protect ourselves.

Not only this, but Olympia Boxing doesn’t just do sessions for children, we also offer community sessions for adults, boxing for people with Parkinson’s to delay the progression of the neurological disorder and encourage people to stay active and happy despite the illness.

The final thing to mention is the boxing sessions for Dementia and Alzheimer’s, this class can even be done seated, no matter the height, weight or even age, we encourage as many people as possible to reap the benefits of our boxing sessions as we know first-hand just how useful it can be.

So, let’s circle back the original question, “are you not just teaching kids to fight?” The answer is no, we are teaching many things, but fighting is not on the agenda, we only want the best for the children in our community.