Benefits of Morning Exercise

There are so many benefits of morning exercise, especially during this time of year, when the days are getting warmer. Today we are going to discuss just a few of the benefits of working out in the morning.

The first is to do with the time of year, as the days get warmer, working out in the morning is a lot cooler making it easier for us to workout without overexerting ourselves. We still have to remember to stay hydrated of course but it does make it a little easier on our bodies.

Next up is that morning exercise actually wakes you up, it prepares your mind for the day ahead by increasing alertness and ensuring your lungs and heart are getting the right nutrients to start the day and improving your cardiovascular system and making sure to keep your stamina in good condition. It also prepares your mind for making those tough day to day choices and visual learning.

Engaging in physical activities in the morning also ensures you start the day in a good mood as exercising produces endorphins, easing anxiety and stress and giving you that runners high, and once the day has already been started in a good mood, it’s tough to break it!

The final benefit we are going to discuss is that morning exercise actually encourages a goodnights sleep, the early morning exposure to light encourages a nightly increase in melatonin and a study in the Vascular Health and Risk Management published on 2014 showed that those who worked out in the morning were more likely to fall asleep quicker and experience less interferences with their sleep patterns.