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We have received the following feedback from clients…

East Malling & Tonbridge BOX Fitness Client

I emailed Wayne about joining, started at Tonbridge then both ,my activity was visits to the gym bit of rugby, but the sessions have given me chance to do exercise and push myself with the encouragement of well trained instructors.

I have been going to both sessions since May/June 2017 I needed to do exercise that I enjoyed whilst being pushed and developed to improve myself, haven't greatest will power  to do this on my own but in a class or a group like the classes I feel relaxed and everyone helps each other out.

I have seen new members to be made very welcome and people with physical limitations are encouraged to develop themselves but not pushed or made to feel uncomfortable.

I feel fitter in fact in my last rugby match I lasted longer and recovered better since I started, I haven’t lost weight but my body fat percentage is lower I feel more confident, stronger, and happier, I am going through a domestic separation and the sessions have helped me not just physically but kept me active, I have made a new group of friends that I talk to regularly via social media groups, and Wayne and Dan are great with the encouragement.

East Malling & Tonbridge BOX Fitness Client

Already attended a class at the East Malling Centre, then saw BOX fitness advertised. Previously was only attending a moderate aerobics class. I was looking for something else to do but financially a Gym was not an option.

I had a total hip replacement done in 2015 and was quite weak, also felt that my age (56) would be against me.

I quickly found that my age was no barrier. Also Olympia Boxing would give me different exercises to do if the original ones were not suitable as I have to avoid impact on my hip I am also encouraged to walk rather than run without feeling singled out.

The programme is the best exercise programme I have ever done. It is a full body workout. I have gained strength in so many areas, made friends, and am more focussed with regards to diet. I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays and hate missing a class.

The program has impacted greatly on my life, especially during these dark depressing months of the year. I can’t thank Olympia Boxing enough for their continued support.


East Malling BOX Fitness Client

Started going to slimming world in 2016 to make a difference in my life as I needed to, but I wasn’t seeing the results fast enough. I asked friends and family if they knew or used any weight loss clubs or gyms that you can go to because my self confidence was not good at this point  in my life. Some friends were going to Box Fitness @ the East Malling Centre, so I went along and haven’t every looked back!

I found it hard in the beginning as my confidence was not great. But as time went on I found some exercises hard to do because of my size. I found it emotional and stressful but I work through it with the help of Wayne and Dan they’re great coaches.

I worked hard with my coaches with my emotions and my confidence grew every session I had, I got stronger in myself. Which made it more enjoyable to me as my confidence was growing which made me work harder with the Box Fitness class.

Box Fitness is the best thing I ever done thanks to them I have more confidence and am 7 stone lighter. So much happier through going to Box Fitness I feel a lot fitter.



Tonbridge BOX Fitness Client

I heard about the sessions via social media and word of mouth. Everyone was talking about how good the sessions were and how beneficial they are.

Having set myself many goals this year, increasing my fitness levels being one of them, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in to stay on track

I think the fact that the sessions are great value for money mean that it is affordable for everyone. If this wasn't the case then maybe some might find it challenging.

In this short space of time, my fitness levels have increased, Ive lost weight and I now have the ability and confidence to take part in other fitness activities.

Having programmes like this available to the community is so important, while I mention that it has helped me on my fitness journey I have also got to meet new people and interact socially whilst maintaining my goals. A big thank you to Wayne and his team at Olympia Boxing.

Bower Grove School Maidstone

Over the last 5 sessions the group have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They have all showed great interest in Boxing and have all shown rapid progression. For a challenging class, they have responded excellently to Lee and have followed every instruction he has given. All the sessions were challenging for the pupils which suited them, they were set up to engage everyone and most importantly they were fun and enjoyable for all pupils. Lee was motivational, confident and encouraged all pupils to give their best efforts. We wish to see Lee again soon.

Matt White

Aylands School Enfield

May I first say how much all the students and staff have enjoyed the boxing sessions you have delivered. The sessions have been very well organised and controlled. The sessions have had a progression each week which has encouraged the students to both concentrate and work hard, which is the overall aim within a lesson. Each session has seen the students push themselves physically and an improvement in skipping, eye hand coordination and teamwork can definitely be seen. The levels of self control when sparing with a variety of partners has been a real pleasure and it has been a point of reference I have used in other situations on a variety of occasions.
       The students have enjoyed the tag boxing and sparing in particular and it is something they ask to do during their breaks which again is a great positive as it means they are being more active for more of the day, This is something schools are being asked to ensure and deliver through Ofsted inspections and the new government PE guidelines.
        The boxing sessions themselves have been of a very good standard. The students have been made to follow instructions and those that have shown any deviation from what has been asked or expected have been dealt with very well. The reason for the overall good behaviour within the lessons has been that they have been engaging, fun, quick, educational and varied in there activities. The students have learnt stance, movement, defence, a variety of punches, combinations and the names of many muscles. The lessons have been enjoyed by all the students in KS2, KS3 and KS4 with the lessons being suited to all ages.
         I have recommended the boxing classes provided by Olympia Boxing to many other PE coordinators whilst at meetings and Enfield sports sessions. I feel that all students would both enjoy and benefit from the sessions even if they were not boxing fans.
Richard Knight
PE Co-ordinator of Aylands School

Aylands School Enfield

We are a maintained special school in Enfield for young people with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Prior to admission pupils arrive with significantly large gaps in education from exclusions, persistent absenteeism, low self-esteem, low aspirations, mental health issues, disengagement from education, and inaccurate assessment of need. Other needs that have been identified are cognitive difficulties, ASD, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, ADHD Speech & language difficulties, Attention & Concentration Difficulties, Communication & Interactive Difficulties, and Fine & Gross Motor Skills Difficulties.

The sessions are excellent value for money. The pupils are engaged and benefit from the strict discipline and the exercise. Wayne delivered the sessions in a firm but fun way which the pupils respected and responded to. The sessions were very well-planned and very well delivered and staff were able to support appropriately and were able to become involved which strengthened the relationships in the school.

All the groups (both primary and Secondary) have loved it and this has been shown in what they have said but also their participation and engagement in the sessions. They asked if they could have more sessions and requested that we continue the sessions next term.

Year 10 pupil – “It was amazing! Wayne knows the techniques and teaches us not to get it wrong. He pushes us to our limits and makes us behave”

Year 8 pupil – He makes us work hard and pushes us and keeps us going until we get it right. I really enjoyed it. I am so happy we’re going to carry on next term”

Year 6 pupil – “I really liked. Wayne tells us how to balance and use our body to protect ourselves. It’s fantastic – I love it”

Year 5 – Wayne teaches us how to stand right. He teaches us discipline. He’s very honest and tells when we’re good or bad. I trust him and he teaches us to be better”

As the Head Teacher for a school for children with emotional and behaviourally difficulties.I was very reluctant to introduce boxing to the school as I was concerned that we might be promoting violence or even teaching the pupils how to fight but I was so wrong. There is no body contact and pupils trained very safely with the use of pads and a lot of the sessions involved fitness exercises that promoted self control. This was a powerful tool and the pupils were very clear about the rules and reputation of boxing as a disciplined sport that only took place in a controlled environment. I can categorically state that there have been no negative issues that have come from introducing the boxing sessions to the school and this is very much down to Wayne as he has instilled a strong respect for the sport and its etiquette. I would recommend Olympia Boxing to any school as it engages pupils and the sessions have served well as a reward and an incentive. There was very little disruption to the school and the sessions were enjoyed by all. Wayne has supported the school outside of these sessions to enhance the quality of whole school events and benefits from working with Olympia Boxing have are still being reaped.

Sashi Siva
Head Teacher of Aylands School

Long Mead Primary School

I was approached in early June by Wayne Smith to start a Non-Contact Boxing Club at Long Mead. We agreed to start the club on 11th June to run every Tuesday 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Due to the fact that we had such a great response we decided to run another club on Thursday's. We currently have 15 children on Tuesday's and up to 8 on Thursday's.

The club has been helpful in supporting families in my role as Family Liaison Officer. We have a lot of children aged between 5 and 11 years from varied backgrounds including single parents who struggle financially and children with behaviour issues. These school projects have made this more accessible for these families.

The children love this club and are constantly checking with me to make sure the club is on each week. This is helped by the fact that although Wayne works the children hard he also makes it fun and he talks to them at their level so that they understand the instructions. Wayne is also very aware of the children's safety and well being. Although it has only been running for a short time I have already noticed an improvement in behaviour with some of the kids.

I have found the quality of service excellent and have every intention of continuing in September. I would recommend and have recommended this club to other schools in the area. I would also recommend this to other youth related and community settings.

To summarise I have found the whole experience extremely helpful to me, the children and their families look forward to continuing in September and hopefully increasing the amount of participating.

Michelle Harding, Family Liaison Officer
Long Mead Primary School

Keion Young Youth Worker Mid-Kent College

The young people that have been doing boxing are mainly aged between 15-19 with a few of the members being over 19+ They all have a different range of disabilities, from autism to downs syndrome. I arranged for boxing to come in and work the group, and it has been amazing! The aim of boxing was to help the class with self-confidence as well as teaching them some discipline. I can safely say that the six week course that was delivered to the groups definitely achieved this. I have seen a major improvement in the groups behaviour as well as discipline. The groups as a whole are a lot more polite and take to new activities a lot better. The first week we had a few of the young people a bit worried about getting involved and some even refused to get involved, but by the end of the course everybody was really upset to see the class finishing. The two coaches that came in and worked with the two groups were amazing. They spoke to the groups in a way they would understand, they were patient and nothing was ever too much for them.

When asking the group what their favourite part of the boxing was I couldnt get a definitive answer as they loved it all; from learning to skip, to learning movement techniques. The games that the coaches played were also amazing, as well as teaching the young people how to move north, east, south and west targets to hit. Before this some, if not most of the group didn't understand the points and what order they go in. So not only have the group learned boxing skills they also lerned something as little as points on a compass, which can help them later in life.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is working with young people. Whether in a school/college, youth club or anywhere else. It is such good learning curve for young people, and it really benefits them. The coaches are fantastic and could really work with anything you throw at them.

Orchard school Canterbury

The Orchard is a small school (86 pupils) for pupils with Social, Emotional, behaviour issues   plus associated learning needs.  The pupil’s age range is from Year 4 up to year 11.

We teach in small groups of up to 8 pupils.

Lee has been working at the Orchard school for 2 years, during which time he has taught most year groups.

We introduced Boxing to the school during Sports week in 2011 where the Student Voice groups (maximum 15 pupils) did an hour’s introductory session. In the following September Lee taught the Contender 6 week  boxing programme to year 7 and year 10.This was so successful we ask  Lee back each year to deliver a 6 week boxing programme to the pupils of various year groups.

Lee is very adaptable and can aim the session at all year groups. The sessions are always planned, fun and stretch the pupils, he gives differentiated work to the pupils and puts in the same energy whether he has 2 pupils or 15. The pupils are encouraged to work with different partners so the sessions encourage co operation and team work.

Lee is very professional and calm with quiet authority which works well with our type of pupils, by the end of the session all pupils have joined in and learnt some new skills.

I would recommend Lee to any type of school wishing to introduce a new sport.

Gaynor Harey - Head of P.E
Orchard School - Canterbury

Ifield Foundation Special School


  • The students at Ifield School range from 4- 19 yrs and have a range of Special Educational Needs, including Autism, ADHD and PMLD. The students that have participated in the Boxing sessions are from the school’s Middle phase, Upper phase and Sixth form.
  • The Boxing sessions have provided the students with a safe and friendly environment to learn some key techniques of the sport and participate in fun, fitness drills. The students have been both challenged and provided with the opportunity to achieve in equal parts.
  • The students have enjoyed every aspect of the Boxing sessions, including learning new punching techniques and improving their fitness. They have also enjoyed the fun and inspiring environment that has been brought to the sessions by the trainer, Lee Owen.
  • The quality of the Boxing sessions has been exceptional. Each week has developed enough on the previous week to maintain interest, but not so much that the students have struggled to keep up.
  • I would recommend the Boxing sessions to other schools that are looking for a different and engaging way to get students excited by fitness.

Neil Dipple


Neil Dipple
Ifield Foundation Special School

Teen & Twenty Youth Club

I am the senior Youth and Community Worker for the Teen & Twenty Youth Club, Riverlawn Road Tonbridge. We work with young people from the age of 11-21's.

The boxing night that Wayne Smith (Olympia Boxing) organises for our club is tremendous for our young people. It helps the young people to know about boundaries, working in partners and also in groups. Supporting one another when perhaps one isn't as good as the other.

I would definitely recommend Olympia Boxing to any other organisation that works with young people.

Barbara Pring, Senior Community Worker
Teen & Twenty Youth Club

Ifield School

The Boxing sessions have provided the students with a safe and friendly environment to learn some key techniques of the sport and participate in fun, fitness drills.

They have also enjoyed the fun and inspiring environment that has been brought to the sessions by the trainer, Lee Owen.

The quality of the Boxing sessions has been exceptional - I would recommend the Boxing sessions to other schools that are looking for a different and engaging way to get students excited by fitness.

St Augustine's School

Lee has been working with us for two years now, providing very high quality instruction and coaching to mixed groups of students of different ages and genders.  Lee has an excellent rapport with the students and the success of his sessions has surpassed our expectations. Our surveys and feedback forms suggest that the most significant benefit to our students has been an increase in confidence.

We have also been able to measure positive impacts on student’s progress and attendance following participation in the non contact boxing sessions. I would strongly recommend Lee to any school or organisation working with young people.


St Augustine's School

Headcorn Youth Forum

We have especially enjoyed the success of girls taking part in our sessions. Over the last year nearly 40 young people from age 8 to 21 have been involved, with new members still joining. There is a consistent attendance of between 12-15 every week. Its not easy to keep up their motivation and interest for anything these days! I know as an ex-teacher how difficult it can be. Nonetheless I see our regular attendees get real benefits and pleasure for your sessions. They are fitter and enjoy the skills and discipline you teach. They also have fun.

The fitness activities as well as the boxing skills have been especially enjoyed - the sessions are always successful and fun, and very diverse with various activities.

I have no hesitation in recommending such sessions to anyone with a youth interest, a public responsibility or any other sporting groups; as they can complement other sports and introduce new skills to many other sporting interests.

Headcorn Youth Forum

Platform51 West Kent Women’s Centre

The boxing sessions were excellent. The trainer was friendly, clear in his instructions and a skilled motivator.

We would recommend Olympia Boxing. Trainers are willing to work with you to meet your requirements when putting together boxing sessions for target groups. It was affordable for young people. The trainer made it a fun and safe environment.

Platform51 West Kent Women’s Centre

Riverside Housing Group

The guys demonstrated the utmost courtesy and professionalism and it was a pleasure having their presence at the event.

Riverside Housing Group